Is that what spring looks like?

#skatingaboutmuseums (at Maggie Daley Park Ice Skating Ribbon)

We had an electricity-free night last night!

Here it is! #firstsnow (at Palmer Square Park)

New Year’s Day beach blessings (at Warren Dunes State Park)

Purple cabbage

Evening hike (at Caldwell Woods)

Evening hike (at Country Lane Woods)

I never though I would, but I did, and it was so much fun. #MCN2014 (at Cowboys Red River)

Ok, that was kinda fun. #MCN2014 (at Nasher Sculpture Museum)
Not bad, Dallas. #MCN2014 (at Klyde Warren Park)

Ginkgo leaf. #autumn

Late Diwali with some friends, and my first rangoli!

Evening hike (at Caldwell Woods)

"you are not alone you are enough your story matters and yes and yes/you can fly. Love." Sharon Bridgforth

An Apple IIc, and it still works!

Sage, prayers and thankfulness. Happy autumnal equinox! (at Fullerton Beach /Lincoln Park)

At the vigil for #mikebrown yesterday. #blacklivesmatter (Thanks for the photo @msjoyluckclub!)

Our sys admin’s whole office looks like this. #archives #museums

Wildcrafting last night.

Masala soda break! (at Art Institute Of Chicago Administrative Offices)

Walls in men’s bathroom stalls have gotten much more pleasant (at New Wave Coffee)

Playing memory at the beach (at Lake Geneva Beach)

#roadtrip #PA (at Lightstreet, Pennsylvania)

Herb walk (at Bald Mountain State Park)

Audre Lorde night at our men’s feminist book group!

Afternoon hike (at Palos Hills Forest Preserve)

Barbados is an island composed almost entirely of coral. (at St Martins Bay, St John, Barbados)

Happy Mother’s Day, universe. (at Swallow Cliff Forest Preserves)

The slice of sky outside my office window.

.@rapevictimadv burger of the month. #saam #yum (at Kuma’s Corner)

Dinner at my men’s feminist book group, cause that’s how we roll.

*GAAAAAASP*!!! FLOWERS!! #springisthatyou?

Melting pond at sunset (at Clarkston Mill Pond)

"Heritage Walk" (at Inner Harbor)

"You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone." (at Millennium Park)

Laying down in snow. Seriously? Seriously. (at Big Rock)

Full moon rise. (at Clark Street Beach)

Snow day.


Post tennis beach time. (at The Beach @ Pompano Beach)

Post run beach time. (at Fort Lauderdale Beach @ Sunrise Boulevard)

Lights and snow

Dreary day art, meant to be seen on a cloudy day. (at The Modern Wing)

Jumping back out of the rabbit hole. (at Hickory Lane Bistro)

.@DHUnicorn in the @Museopunks green room. #mcn2013

#menswear (at La Maison Ogilvy)

Not the greatest space for it, but it’s something! #hotelyoga

#allofthelights #mcn2013 (at Théâtre Corona Virgin Mobile)

#sunset (at Parc du Mont-Royal)

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